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Artisanal heritage interwoven with innovation

Lipparini & C. s.r.l. was founded in Sant’Agata Bolognese out of the love for manual art: the magic that only craftsmanship can express is the common thread running through our company.

Knitwear is our tradition, an inheritance that has been passed on from one generation to the next telling our family history. Lipparini, however, has always wanted to go beyond the conventional idea of the yarn sector, expanding and implementing its own processes with the aid of research and technological innovations. Precision and production, typical of technology, are interwoven with the manual and accurate flavour of craftsmanship, skilfully blending past and future in products that leave you speechless.

We operate according to clear values, with respect for what, for us, are essential elements: passion and love for our work, care and concern for our employees, and the social and environmental well-being of our production facility, strong ethical values that cannot be renounced, dedication and a propensity for improvement, and products that are always sophisticated.

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A history of weaving: threads of a single family

Lipparini & C. s.r.l., in business since the 1980s, took its first steps as a family business: we have never abandoned this identity, even though we are now one of the most important businesses in the knitwear sector for third parties and a symbol of technical and creative excellence.

Our roots go back to the history of Guglielmo, a self-employed mechanic, and Maria, who was a knitter by trade. Following in his father Guglielmo’s footsteps, Claudio decided he wanted to create something on his own: while he dedicated himself to laying the foundations of what was to become Lipparini & C. s.r.l., by using some specific machines, he also opened an ironing shop run by his mother Maria and his wife Marinella.

Ours is a story made up of interweaving: just as thread weaves strong and cosy threads, so too our company is made up of indissoluble family weavings. Each of the protagonists of this story of sacrifice and immense passion continues to improve Lipparini & C. s.r.l. to this day with their presence.

Our art passes from generation to generation: today, Claudio and Marinella’s three children, namely Filippo, Jessica, and Chiara, have taken up this important artisanal legacy and continue to weave the threads of our history.

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