Raw materials management

Lipparini & C. s.r.l. carries out all its operations guaranteeing the traceability of raw materials and semi-finished products. To optimise the precise traceability and identification of products, we adopt accurate systems: for example, the information received from customers is not changed, each operation performed on the raw material is notified by entering the date, time and name of the operator who performed it, and so on. In addition, any non-compliant final cloth is also traced.

In order to ensure the utmost reliability and professionalism in the management of raw materials in our factory, we have obtained the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, the most important international standard that certifies fundamental aspects, such as the absence of non-compliant chemical products in the processing of raw materials, non-contamination within the textile industry, and perfect product traceability.

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A precise management process

Thanks to years of experience and the professionalism of our personnel, the journey of raw materials within the production department follows a precise procedure, which gives greater accuracy and reliability to our work.

Once the raw material, or rather the yarn, has been received by the customers, it is weighed to confirm the quantities declared on the transport documents; subsequently, the same yarn is stored in the warehouse in specific shelves, divided by customer, waiting to be processed. Once these operations have been carried out, the input data is entered into the management system: all the most important characteristics, such as article code, job number, colour variants, etc., are noted down in a meticulous way.

Once the work order is opened, the programmer can proceed to create the first control garment: if “validated”, production is allowed to start, then the raw material warehouse delivers the relevant raw material to the machinery department warehouse.

As the weaving progresses, the warehouse data is updated as less yarn is available, until the order is complete: at this point, the compliant semi-finished product, the remaining yarn and any waste cloth will be sent to the customer. Before the model goes into production, the warehouse checks and informs the customer of the yield, the consumption of the complete garment for validated production.

Everything is managed with the management system, which collects all the following information, in addition to that already described above, broken down by job number:

  • Quantity of incoming yarn;
  • Quantity of yarn required to produce the order;
  • Quantity of yarn used to produce compliant garments;
  • Quantity of yarn used to produce non-conforming garments;
  • Stock in warehouse and possible return to customer.

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