Quality control

We specialize in the fascinating world of yarn and knitwear: we work meticulously to ensure flawless products in every aspect.

To this end, each project is expertly managed and controlled by the members of our staff, who coordinate all stages in detail. Specifically, each department has a management system, which makes it possible to meticulously trace the production chain from the entry of raw materials to the semi-finished product. The journey of the products and yarns within our production facility is managed in an increasingly technological and automated manner, so as to ensure high-level processing and an unparalleled relationship with the customer.


Attention and care for quality before shipping

Working with yarn is a true art: knitwear, in order to produce semi-finished products of exceptional beauty, must be shaped with precision and patience. Weave after weave, the yarns are transformed into magnificent weavings, to create in reality the knitwear you have always dreamed of.

This is the work that we have been carrying out with dedication and immense passion for decades, operating with a view to a consistently high standard of quality. Guaranteeing quality is a process that involves constant control, to be carried out at the same time and in parallel with the stage of the weaving of the cloths: these, in fact, are checked on extremely bright tables, which show to the eye any defects or inaccuracies. If there are any repairable defects, the fabrics are subjected to manual darning using the needle and yarn supplied by the customer, under the light of specific light lamps.

We are equipped with instruments just right to ensure maximum assistance to the team members, specifically divided for the control and darning of these fabrics: each woman in our quality control staff has her own PC to manage, in parallel with the control, the position of the production order under management.

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