Machinery department

Lipparini & C. s.r.l. took its first steps as a manufacturing company in the 1980s: since then, we have come a long way!

As of today, our factory has a covered property area of about 4000 sq m, equipped with a fleet of machines just right for all daily needs and requirements. Consisting of more than 130 units, our machinery department is equipped with STOLL branded models, ranging from long machines (822) to ADFs: for the latter category of machinery, we have both comb and belt take-down models, as well as models with a weft foot, or weft press. 70% of our machines are in the fine gauges, thus 18, 16, 14, 12, 7.2, while the remaining 30% are in the coarse gauges, thus 7, 5, 3, 2.5 (830C), 1.5.

The knitting field has deep roots in the manual art, but has evolved over time with the addition of sensational machinery with innovative technologies. Lipparini & C. s.r.l. is well aware of this, and this is why we constantly implement and update our production department to keep up with the times and with the advancement of technology: contact us to discover the extremely high performance of the STOLL devices present in our factory.


Attention to detail: our trademark!

Knitting is an art made up of many small weaves; it is a work of patience and precision, of beauty and magic. We work meticulously to ensure exceptional quality standards, because we believe that details really do make a difference: many small details guarantee big differences in the finished products.

For this reason, our machinery department has a centralised, closed-circuit extraction system, which allows us to avoid polluting the machines at work with impurities from other yarns. Among the best technological aids in our factories, within our fleet of machines we also have the latest yarn measuring systems, such as Ascon, BTSR, EFS, MSF3: in this way, we eliminate the problems of measuring grip due to the yarn and, consequently, eliminate annoying problems of irregularities and discrepancies.

In short, Lipparini & C. s.r.l. really takes care of everything, evaluating each process in detail in order to solve the problems related to the different types of yarn: contact our team!