Programming office

Our programming office currently consists of 10 in-house technicians: accurate and well-prepared, they work under the constant supervision of Filippo Lipparini, who coordinates the work to ensure organisation and precision in every operation.

The team provides constant control of the machines through a management system and active monitoring of the machines via data network: find out more by contacting us!


Technology serving the art of knitting

All our programmers are capable of programming using the STOLL-branded M1Plus programming system. Thanks to their professionalism and reliability, they can manage the patterns assigned to them at all stages: among initial sampling, commissioning, size development and pattern production, their skilful hands work painstakingly to guarantee a consistently excellent result.

One of the strengths that we have given immense value to over time is that of completely standardising the programming language among all the members of our staff: by doing so, in addition to guaranteeing a strong preparation in each of them, we have managed to create a cohesive and synergetic work group, which populates our programming office with passion and creativity.

In fact, the Lipparini team is made up of young and resourceful minds, capable of creating a dynamic, thriving and constantly buzzing working environment.

Rely on the experience of Lipparini & C. s.r.l.: weaves and threads from our hands to your knitwear in a workmanlike manner.