Research and innovation

Our company, which has always been projected towards cutting-edge solutions for its processing, uses the same criterion to operate according to environmental requirements and towards an indispensable ecological turning point: the Lipparini & C. s.r.l. factory is equipped with a 90kW photovoltaic system and has no emissions into the atmosphere.

Our working field gravitates around ever-increasing innovations, which is why we take action to increasingly implement our production department and all the phases of our craft that may experience a quality leap thanks to the aid of research: contact us to learn more!


The bond between manual art and technological innovation

Lipparini & C. s.r.l. lives its passion for textile art with a strong inclination towards technological updating: this involves both the production machinery, which allows us to obtain very high-quality products, and the accessories and devices to create a safe, dynamic, controlled, and interconnected workplace.

Between the corridors of our factory, there are automatic and sliding doors, which allow us to divide and isolate the various departments, without compromising internal mobility and ensuring light in the rooms. The access to the departments, using badges, makes it possible to always keep access under control and, now more than ever, to guarantee the safety of the workers who populate the facility: with dynamism and readiness, we have faced the difficulties of the historical period that we are still experiencing by installing temperature control devices and an access register combined with Green Pass check.

In the same way, thanks to technology, we maintain the remote communications we are obliged to do nowadays in an increasingly simple and immediate way: our meeting room, equipped with useful instrumentation for sharing data from our internal system, allows us to connect via conference call with customers and continue with our activities in total safety.

Lipparini & C. s.r.l. is the symbol of the union between tradition and innovation. Find out more: contact our historical company based in the province of Bologna!